Playground Needs Assessment Priorities

Playgrounds are meant to be fun for children and provide entertaining exercise so children keep fit and most importantly stay safe. These considerations are applicable to playgrounds in schools, public parks, and in commercial enterprises that offer playgrounds as an attraction.

A playground needs assessment is necessary to provide the safety that prevents children from being seriously or fatally injured in the playground. Children, especially small children, are prone to fall and take chances that could lead to serious injury. Your playground needs assessment should take this consideration as a priority.

You should first consider the size of

The features of CRS playgrounds for children

Children need space to play and interact with others as this is an important aspect of their development, so you got to arrange for them somewhere for them to play. This is what Creative Recreational Systems, Inc.playgrounds for children takes pleasure in doing, making playgrounds that brings children in contact with nature. Children really need enough of outdoor experiences for the good of their physical, emotional, social and even cognitive development.

We at Creative Recreational Systems, Inc.playgrounds know how important it is for children to have a healthy playground and so we just design a

Things to consider when designing your new playground

Things to consider when designing your new playground. To a child, a playground is a magical place where both their bodies and their minds are free to run. There is, however, a lot of planning which goes into creating this magical destination. There are several things to consider before you begin construction on your new playground.


When searching for the right playground location, considered the different needs of your patrons. The size of your selected location should adequately fit various areas and amenities. Ideally, you should be able to accommodate children who play actively and children who