Trending Playground Equipment

Children are easily inspired by their imaginations and drawn to exploration. This recognized innovation and creativity has challenged playground equipment designers to produce new and exciting products. The ideal playground incorporates tradition components like swings, merry-go-rounds, see-saws, and slides. However, it should also include these new products that encourage interaction and learning. With the appropriate equipment, playgrounds can improve social skills, physical abilities, cognitive functioning, and emotional expression.

While considering the different benefits and

Most Common Playground Related Injuries of Children

One of the factors why children seldom play outdoors is that they can experience injuries and accidents in playgrounds. Unsafe playground equipment continues to be a major problem for many parents and children and this is why most of them just prefer playing computer games while sitting on a couch.

Here are some of the most common injuries that occur in a playground.

1. Falls – This usually causes about 75% of the injuries because

How to Raise Competent and Assertive Children

Nowadays, children have easy access to technology that does everything for them whether it is doing their homework, ordering food online or fulfill any of their wishes. Convenience has become one of the huge factors that children have gained over the years. And with that, it is easy for them to become lazy and unmotivated to achieve something for themselves. Cooking, problem-solving, research are just a few of the skills that kids choose

Getting Active in The Winter

During the winter months, we can feel disconnected from the outside world, the winter chill keeping us indoors. However, winter can be a beautiful season, offering stunning sights, such as snow covered mountains, that aren’t available in the summer. By going outside to experience these you’ll not only be getting active but participating in these great experiences. This article will be presenting some great ways to prepare yourself for getting active in the winter

ADHD and Play

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a mental disorder that often occurs in childhood. Children that suffer from ADHD exhibit inability to pay attention and are more hyperactive and impulsive than other children their age. While scientists are still trying to determine what causes ADHD, it is known that children with ADHD have brains that are a bit smaller, especially in the frontal cortex. That part of the brain is

How Can Parks Benefit Your Dog

Dogs are loyal companions that are always there by our side. They show us love and adoration in their own way, so it is important that we return the sentiments. To shower them will affection, we feed them, bathe them and we love to cuddle them. But a great way that you can show affection to your pet is by taking them to the park. A park is a place where they run