School Playground Equipment

School Playground Equipment

September 18, 2014
  • Teenager Park is one of the newest trends of play systems that stimulates teenagers and brings out the creativity in play for teenagers. Teenagers like play that is creative yet interactive and the best play equipment is Teenager Park.
    Teenager park play system equipment makes play for teenagers an absolute delight. It has colors that are in rhythm with nature just good for teens.
    It is also made with very durable materials that are sturdy enough for teenager’s movements as they play.
    Teenager Park provides a teenager with nice yet versatile play activities which they can enjoy on their own. The equipment has unique features and a teenager can enjoy the versality of different games alone or with their peers. It can also accommodate younger children from five years making it very ideal for families with children of different age groups.
    Teenager Park is highly finished with the best technology innovations to make it safe for the younger children.

  • Xccent Play is another great producer of school playground equipment that promises countless fun for your pupils during recess times. Xccent Play products are unique as they provide you with the option of endless customizability and their sturdy built means you won’t have to worry about replacing the system anytime soon. Whether you’re looking for an expansive set or a minimal one, Xccent Play will make sure your students have the time of their lives on either one. Creative Systems is a proud supplier of Xccent Play school playground equipment and systems.

  • Active Play playground equipments are fitness focussed and provide key muscle and body toning for children from a very early age while providing them with endless entertainment and fun. Designed for children of ages 5 to 12, Active Play systems focus on the slightly more mature group of kids as they develop key cognitive and physical aspects. Active Play would be a perfect fit for any school during recess or gym classes.

Children need a multi-sensory environment to help them build a whole cortical mantle. They need to be involved in activities that allow them to run, jump and hop around to nurture their vital senses. The playgrounds for school today as designed to do just that. The playground at schools provides many advantages, not just physical exercise, as most adults think. The experience that children receive through play helps them develop cognitive, emotional and social skills. Cognitive development is particularly supported through the participation of kids in playground activities.

The human brain is made up of billions of neurons and synapses (connections) which receive and transmit electrochemical signals. The axon in the neurons is responsible for the transmission of these signals. The signals are intercepted by small hair-like structures called dendrites which are present in the neurons.

Synapses are built when the axon of one neuron connects with the dendrite of another neuron. These connections help in the neural development of a person.
The chemicals levels in the brain like endorphins and neurotransmitters affect the emotional states and cognitive functions in children. Advances in neuroscience have revealed how daily experiences in children’s lives can affect their mental development. With the help of brain imaging technology, it is not possible to understand the dynamics of the brain, and how different patterns can lead to neural development in children.

Research has shown that children are greatly shaped by their surrounding environment. The stimulations that children receive from their environment create the permanent connections that constitute their neural circuits. Neuroscientists who have studied children in their play environment conclude that the playground atmosphere is critical in the development of neural synapses. Play sends positive stimulus to the brain which helps is forming healthy connections in the brain. As an example, the rocking motion from the swing helps in the development of the cerebellum and vesicular brain systems which are linked to the body’s balance and inner ear.

Brain scans of children who were deprived from play have shown biological regression in their brain development. The study carried out at Baylor College of Medicine has proved that children who do not participate in playful activities have 20-30{d4a803f2308ffa024a3d5f779fd241813a53fe11df351592ff06654a60312fb5} smaller brains as compared to other children of their age who are more active. Human interactions also shape the way children experience play time. Permanent connections are only established if children feel emotionally stimulated during play. Positive experiences raise the levels of neurotransmitters such as serotonin. While poor experiences can lead to impulsive behavior, aggression and sometimes depression too. Endorphin, a chemical released in the brain during play, helps in dealing with such negative emotions.

Simple games like peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek are programming the child’s brain to learn language, art, science, math, and develop emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. There is no question that playtime is crucial for a healthy growing mind. As academic pressure increases, parents need to encourage kids to play at the outdoor playground and spend sometime around nature. Children who balance school time with play time are known to perform well academically.

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